Life is no donation, its AWARDED!

The tumbling of human’s mind is been noticed for the sake of the growth of  bogus brain work relay.Peace is being compromised in the bout of war of professionalism and the blind eye of fortitude is being turned inoperative conventionally and we, claiming ourselves by putting our hands on our eyes and weeping about the darkness.

“I AM THE CREATIVE FORCE OF MY LIFE” is no longer a practiced principle rather than a vogue statement.Today, Everyday we are appeasing ourselves by availing mental masturbation and neglecting the uplifting theory of deduction of enlightenment.Desire, inequality and ignorance are the three trinity of bondage being proved by human race.Being antagonistic is the new trend on social networks Facebook, twitter, including all.As we grow, as we learn, as we become conscious, as we become more and more alert, a certain inner discipline arises without any imposition, because we can see what is right and what is wrong. And when we see it, there is no split; then we are not of a double mind, then it does not create a kind of schizophrenia but what is going in present’s province is a fear of schizophrenia the whole humanity is adopting schizophrenic life, because of the moralistic past which should be astray-ed from each’s life.Everyone should be gratuitous from the shining of black diamond and understand the life’s not being given in donation its AWARDED!